1. Why should I go solar?

  • Almost everyone on Long Island uses electricity. The utility does not give electricity away for free 
  • Electricity rates go up periodically. You are nearly guaranteed to pay more and more over the years even if you don’t use more and more. 
  • Energy from the sun is free. All you pay for are the panels, inverter and other related equipment to take the energy from the sun and make it into useful energy. 
  • If you use less than your solar panels produce, the utility is required to pay you for the amount you produce above and beyond what you consume.   That’s part of net metering. 
  • Solar adds value to your home when you sell.

  1. How does solar work?

  • Without going into a lengthy technical discussion which we can provide for anyone interested in the science of solar, simply put, the sun produces energy. Solar panels absorb that energy in the form of DC current. A device called an inverter makes DC power into AC power which is fed into the grid shared by everyone. You use from the grid, especially at night when the solar panels do not produce any electricity. A net meter keeps a running tab, if you will, on how much energy you put into the grid and how much you take out. If you put in more than you take out, you are left with nothing more than the small amount per day for your connection to the grid… currently $.36 a day. That’s it!

  1. Isn’t solar expensive?

  • That is a fallacy. Yes, many years ago when solar was new, it was expensive. Some people may remember when calculators came out. They were hundreds of dollars. Today you can buy one in the dollar store. Same with solar. When solar first came out, it was expensive. Now manufacturers are able to lower the price because the science behind the panels and the systems has improved and there are now manufacturing plants set up to handle the volume of requests for panels. The savings is passed down to you, the consumer. 
  • Additionally, with the solar energy market becoming more and more popular, there are companies specializing in solar financing. We work with Enerbank as well as utilizing a special loan offered by the State of New York (NYSERDA) with two options, On-Bill Finance or Smart Energy Loan.

  1. How will it affect the sale of my home?

  • If your client owns their solar system, you have just increased the value of your home. Who wouldn’t want to buy a home that does not come with a big electric bill? 
  • If the homeowner has leased the solar systems, things are more complicated.  Some lease agreements require up to $40,000 to transfer the system to the new buyer.  Some lease agreements require a up to $7.00 per watt installed (that’s $70,000 for the average home)  to terminate.  Some even charge the homeowner an additional five-figure amount if you die and your heirs don’t want the lease.

  1. What are the top 4 things I should be telling my clients about solar?

  • Solar is cost effective and will save you money from day 1 
  • An owned (purchased) Solar system increases the value of your client's home 
  • The solar lease can complicate your client's real-estate transaction. 
  • Solar panels can last a minimum of 25 years and up to 40 years. That’s a long time!

  1. What makes SUNation better than all the rest?

  • SUNation is home grown – we live, work and play on Long Island. All our employees are right here. Our customers are our neighbors and we care about our neighborhood. 
  • SUNation has been a Best of Long Island (BOLI) winner for 6 straight years 
  • SUNation is a SunPower Elite Dealer 
  • SUNation never subs out work. All of our work is done by our employees 
  • SUNation is a family-owned business. We also treat our customers like family. Family sticks together.

  1. How do I put my customers in touch with SUNation?

  • Enter your referrals on the www.SolarCertifiedProfessionals.com  web site. 
  • Have your customers call SUNation at 631-750-9454. 
  • Have your customers visit www.sunationsolarsystems.com  
  • Make sure they give your name as their referral.
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